What is Visa Buxx?

Flash 8 required!

How It Works

Visa Buxx works like this…parents put money on the card…like what they’ve already set aside for books, gas, clothes, vacations, or emergencies. They load money from their credit or check card, or U.S. Bank checking or savings account. Visa Buxx even accepts direct deposit from parents’ and teens’ employers.

Then teens use the card at the mall, over the phone, even online, everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide. Sound like a credit card? It's not! Purchases are deducted immediately from the card. Balance too low? Sorry, no sale. Time to reload again! It's like cash, but smarter, safer, and a great tool for teaching teens about budgeting and financial responsibility.

Why It's Cool

  • Freedom for teens to get what they need, when they need it … at stores, online, mail order, in emergencies … worldwide!
  • Independence to make responsible purchases without having to borrow a credit card or carry lots of cash.
  • Responsibility to manage a budget and save money.
  • Easily reloadable by phone, online or at any U.S. Bank branch by parents when the balance is low.
  • Extra savings with special deals from online and offline stores.
  • Direct Deposit of parents' or teens' pay onto the card.

Why It's Responsible

  • Introduces teens to budgeting because parents decide how much goes on the card and set maximum spending limits.
  • Encourages financial accountability with online tracking of purchases, so parents and teens can talk about how to spend and budget responsibly.
  • Helps teens become more "cents-ible" with budgeting and saving information included with the card and on the Web site.
  • Secure because only the teen can use the card, and online account information is password protected.
  • Safer than cash, because if it's lost or stolen, you're protected with Visa's Zero Liability policy.